Ultra Violet Survey of Corona Discharge detection


Corona Discharge on HV Assets

Corona Discharge on HV Assets Corona discharge is associated with high voltage equipment such as electrical transmission lines, transformer insulators and bushings, switchgear, motors and the like. Corona can be a sign of a defect, contamination, malfunction or bad design of electrical equipment.

Being able to pinpoint corona discharge and address potential equipment failure is important and can contribute significantly to the reliable operation of electrical apparatus.


Diagnostic methods for physical characteristics: Determination of density

Ultraviolet detects electrical discharges and is directly proportional to voltage. Partial discharge, corona and arcing occurs whenever voltage is present, regardless of current. Both technologies are complementary and are classified as NDT – Non Destructive Testing equipment.

Together they cover a wider spectral range and provide enough information to obtain a clear assessment of the condition of electrical assets. As such, both technologies are required to perform comprehensive surveys. Unlike IR which is affected by solar radiation and emissivity of the material, UV detection is effective under all lighting and weather conditions.